How to Receive Prompt Payments?

Accounts receivable management

For a small business, it is hard to be flexible in the market. The industry is becoming more dynamic accompanied by changes that may occur from time to time.  Enable to adjust to these changes will help the business to be competitive and continue to function. However, credits and liens will hinder the business to continue and to remain lucrative due to lack of cash brought about by delinquent payments from the customers. Bad debt is now becoming a major concern for small businesses because of shortage in funds for future growth and development of equipments and employees. Poor receivables management may disable the business to continue to function. To minimize the delinquent receivables, business should ask help from collection agency for a better accounts receivable management.

Small businesses are most likely the victims of unpaid debts. This is usually an amount incurred from buying a product or services. Receivables management is the act of keeping an eye on the amount of credit the company has given to its customers and the amount the company should expect to be getting later. In this way the business could track the cash flow within the company. In this way they can avoid shortage of funds through good relationship with their debtors for the company to continue with its service. However, managing the cash flow is a challenge. Survey has shown that 15 to 20% of receivables in the US is delinquent. For small businesses, this small percentage could be detrimental to the business. If this small percentage continue to increase, it can be huge losses to the company that may lead to bankruptcy. These unpaid debts can be a cash flow that will never be seen again. That is why there are debt collection agencies wherein the company can go on with their business while the agency collect their receivables.

With the continuous complexity and tough competition in the market, for a business to find its way ahead of the race, it needs to focus on important agenda of the company: marketing, new services, target customers and what’s in the trend to name a few. So the company can focus on these matters while the collection agency do its job. Besides from the business main priorities, asking help from collection agency is a great advantage since setting or offering terms of credit to the customers is not an easy task to do. It needs professionalism, experience and specialization from experts especially in this moment where business operations are getting more complicated. Through the agency’s experience and given that collection of debts is their main job, you could expect that they are efficient because of the great time they could spend in dealing with delayed accounts. The process of the collection may start from sending notifications to the debtor, through letters or phone calls. In times that all the process have been done and still no response  from the debtor then a legal action can be considered.

Receivable management service is the best way a business could have to receive prompt payments, to avoid shortage of funds and to have adequate cash flow. Consistent cash flow within the company is a determinant that a business can survive and grow.


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